Although the Government of Nepal has decided to provide 75% of the premium amount in the animal insurance program, only people who have engaged in animal husbandry commercially have been availing its services. There was little information and interest among all the farmers about this insurance. Not only the farmers but also the local bodies and other stakeholders did not show much interest in it. However, in recent times, this animal insurance program has been having a wide impact in some rural areas of Okhaldhunga.

NFGF Abhiyanta is tagging the insured livestock

Generally, farmers were ignorant about this animal insurance. But the NFGF Nepal has been submitting letters of attention to the Ministry of Agriculture at the central level with the objective of increasing the access of small farmers, landless, women, and Dalits from the Government of Nepal. During the operation, it has included animal insurance program in its action plan and given the form of model expansion in Okhaldhunga. Based on this program, Okhaldhunga Federation conducted animal insurance program in wards 3, 8, and 9 of Piloting Area Sunkoshi Village Municipality last year under the Samatrya Project. Various procedures were completed for the event. At the district level, stakeholders of the Okhaldhunga District, Sunkoshi Rural Municipality, Chisankhugadi municipality, Krishi Vikas Bank, IME General Insurance, media partners and working committee members and employees from the NFGF participated in the discussion on agriculture and animal insurance.

After that, a coordination meeting was held in Sunkoshi RM and the ward was selected. Coordination meetings were held in the wards specified by the municipality and the community and wards were gathered. At the same meeting, the goals and objectives of the Samarthya project run by the NFGF were clarified on the amount of assistance to be provided to the community by the federation and resource sharing on behalf of the ward. From the meeting, one local agent was selected and brought to the insurance company for orientation. After the orientation, 502 households and farmers were insured on behalf of the federation with the participation of the ward chairperson. The insured amount was Rs. 32,393,000 (3 karod, 23 lakhs and 93 thousand rupees). Similarly, 665 people have so far received services in the piloting area Sunkoshi out of 163 people in the wards at the time of logging on behalf of the wards, while 69 people in the expanded municipality and wards have received animal insurance with the help of the wards.

Due to the impact of the sample program of Sunkoshi village municipality, the work of sample expansion has been started in Chishankhugadhi village municipality like other village municipalities on the basis of the same phase process. The ward has allocated Rs. 80,000 for the assistance of animal insurance program by including it in the ward program in ward no. 3 Diyale specified by the municipality. The work of the first phase has also been completed and the work of insurance has started moving forward rapidly.

But insurance is not the only big thing, to insure an animal is to avoid the farmer himself in the coming days or to transfer the risk to the company. It is a great achievement for a farmer to get the service after the actual loss rather than insuring the animal. In this regard, 24 insured farmers have received a loss of Rs 352,800. Due to this, the interest of farmers in animal insurance has increased and confidence has also increased. This is a great achievement. In this process, the federation has played a big role in the follow-up of the insurance company, assisting in the process after the loss. Due to the impact of the work related to animal insurance, the local bodies have also played a role of easy consent and active cooperation in a very happy and coordinated manner. In addition, the budget policy and program of the village municipality also included the issue of agriculture and animal insurance program. This has created a situation where the federation should be very proud. Based on this issue, it has been learned that whatever work is done based on the needs and demands of the farmers, working with the objective of providing access to them has facilitated the cooperation and coordination with the stakeholders. And in the coming days, the local bodies have claimed that they will start the program in all the wards or wards with animal insurance, for which the federation will play a big role in resource sharing and human resource mobilization.

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NFGF Okhaldhuga Team
Samarthya Program

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