The Dinabhadri Farmers’ Group formed in the Musahar community of Karahiya village of Belaka-2, Udayapur District. The community have been living in this place since time long ago. From that time, the people of Musahar community used to work on other people’s farms, build other people’s houses and lands, kill rats and eat them, kills aquatic animals like fishs, snails, squirrels and sell to their neighbors in the village. Apart from this, there is a situation where a herd of buffaloes, working in other people’s houses and some time they used to do nothing but living on hunger. Members of the Musahar community living in public places such as village blocks without land to build houses, living in the confluence of the Triyuga and Koshi rivers.

Farmers are in the land where they are doing contract farming

This community, which is at risk from climate change, was forced to go to other people’s houses to seek shelter during the floods. The National Farmers Group Federation Nepal has recently organized an agricultural group and duly registered it in the Municipal Agriculture Branch and completed the process and joined the National Farmers Group Federation of Nepal, now known as Dinabhadri Farmers Group. The members of this group have started contract farming with the technical assistance of National Farmers Group Federation of Nepal, Bellka Municipality and Li-Bird. The municipality has been giving 100 percent grant to this community which falls in the D category of farmer’s classification. The 17 members of the Dinabhadri Farmers’ Group have been provided land on lease at the rate of 2 katthas with the help of the municipality for a total of 34 katthas.

23 members of Dinabhadri Krishak Samuha have lost their jobs due to the Lockdown. Food has been distributed by the people’s representatives of NFGF and government from the ward level and Municipality. After receiving the food, they are happy and said that the federation is providing food to us and we are attracted to the federation. The people of the community are also spreading the word that the federation is like this. In this way, the members of Dinabhadri Krishak Samuha are happily carrying out their daily routine.

Story Prepared by:
NFGF Udayapur Team
Samarthya Program

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